Finkelstein Memorial Library Summer Reading

SPRING VALLEY – Greeting Community!

On behalf of the whole Youth Services Department at the Finkelstein Memorial Library, we want to inform you of a summer program called “Summer reading”. Summer reading is a free public library program that encourages students to keep reading during the summer in exchange for a free prize as an incentive. They read the books- we give them the prizes!

It’s easy! This avoids the dreaded “summer slide”. The Summer Slide is what happens when students don’t read over the summer. The first month of school in the fall is spent catching up to where students were at the end of the previous school year. Summer Reading helps them start off strong in the fall!

This program is aimed at all school-aged children (incoming grades K-12) living within the ERCSD (East Ramapo Central School District [Spring Valley]) to help incentivize them to keep reading this summer!

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