Goerge Floyd’s Uncle is Not Surprised With Findings

Following a two year investigation into the policing practices of Minneapolis law enforcement, last month, the DOJ found they engaged in a pattern of violating people’s rights. After reviewing thousands of reports and body camera videos, The Department of Justice reported MPD routinely used excessive force when not necessary, were quick to discharge firearms with no threat present, often violated citizens’ 4th amendment rights and failed to render medical aid to those in custody. When asked about these findings George Floyd’s Uncle called it “not surprising”.

Selwyn Jones is the Co-Founder of the Hope929 Foundation, the charity focused on promoting civil rights and creating change in honor of his nephew George Floyd. On a mission to make a positive impact for communities, Uncle Selwyn has traveled the country over the last 3 years speaking with the families of other victims of police violence and helping in their struggles.

He has been rallying support in different states for passage of The Medical Civil Rights Bill to save lives. It was recently approved by government officials in Connecticut and would establish the legal right to medical care during any police interaction where an individual communicates they need aid.

Speaking with Spectrum News in Southern California, Selwyn Jones said, “We just want change. This bill would have had Tyre Nichols, George Floyd, and Eric Garner home for Christmas. If you are in contact with police in any situation, you have a right to receive medical attention.”

Turning an unimaginable tragedy into an opportunity for change, along with his co-founder of the Hope929 organization and Harrison, AK councilwoman Liz Darden, Selwyn is moving forward and pushing for more progress to make communities everywhere better for all our children.

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