Kingston School Programs Achieve Record Attendance

KINGSTON – While the summer season may evoke thoughts of leisure and relaxation, the Kingston City School District (KCSD) is proving that learning remains a top priority. With great enthusiasm, KCSD announces a record-breaking attendance in its five summer programs catering to different grade levels, with over 1,000 students registered this year.

The summer programs, specifically designed for Kindergarten through Grade 3, Grades 5-8, Summer 9 (for incoming Grade 9 students), Grades 10-12, and Special Education, have seen an overwhelming response from students and parents alike. The District’s summer school programing goes beyond traditional academics, as it offers students the chance to engage in real-world experiences through valuable partnerships forged with the community over several years. Some of these partnerships include Cornell Cooperative Extension, Peaceful Guardians, and Family of Woodstock for the Grades 5-8 program, as well as Wild Earth, Career in Touch, Youth Ensemble Theater, Go Beyond Greatness, and the Kingston Police Department for the Summer 9 program.

Kira Tutko, the Principal of Summer 9 and a dedicated Literacy Specialist at George Washington Elementary School during the academic year, expressed her excitement about the summer programs. “Summer 9 has kicked off very well,” she remarked. “The kids come in smiling, look forward to the day’s work, and a lot of times they even try to stay later!”

During a recent community partner event for the Summer 9 program, the Kingston Police Department conducted an interactive lesson centered on the dangers of driving under the influence (DUI). Employing cutting-edge simulators and equipment, students were provided with a realistic experience of the disorienting effects and impairments caused by various substances. Taking the wheel behind a virtual driving simulator equipped with multiple settings mimicking different blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels, students gained a profound understanding of the risks associated with DUI. As part of this engaging lesson, students also had the opportunity to wear DUI goggles that simulated varying BAC levels.

Through these goggles, they performed everyday tasks such as walking in a straight line and throwing/catching a tennis ball, further driving home the important message about the potential consequences of impaired judgment.

KCSD’s commitment to offering enriching summer experiences that combine education with practical life lessons has been met with resounding success. The District extends its gratitude to all partners for their unwavering support and dedication to the students’ well-being and education.

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