“Lower Costs, Better Care” Tour Stop in Kingston

KINGSTON – Last Tuesday, Protect Our Care’s Care Force One arrived in Kingston to spotlight how recent legislative victories by President Biden and Democrats in Congress are “driving down” health costs for the American people. The Inflation Reduction Act and other measures are already saving people thousands of dollars a year — with even more savings on the way. August marks the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act and the savings it continues to deliver to New Yorkers. During the event, Lieutenant Governor Delgado, Ulster County Executive Metzger and Senator Skouffis explained Democratic efforts on the national level will have real cost savings for New Yorkers: seniors’ drug costs will soon be capped at $2,000 annually and Medicare will finally be able to negotiate lower drug prices.

“Six years ago I walked into the doctor’s office with a nagging cough and walked out with a stage four cancer diagnosis,” said Laura Packard, cancer survivor and health care advocate.

“Luckily, I had good insurance that paid for the chemotherapy and radiation that I needed. The Inflation Reduction Act lowers health care costs for millions of people like me so they can afford the treatment they need to survive. President Biden and Democrats in Congress continue to deliver on their promise to lower health care costs as hardworking people begin to see even more savings.”

“Through the Inflation Reduction Act […] Democrats are doing the work of reigning in Big Pharma’s greed, stopping seniors from getting ripped off and exploited. We are working for the people. And you want to know what I find incredibly alarming? Big Pharma is currently suing in court to take away Medicare’s power to negotiate. Republican lawmakers are introducing legislation to repeal all of the Inflation Reduction Act pricing measures,” said Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado.

The “Lower Costs, Better Care” tour continued in New York, where Protect Our Care was joined by NYS Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Senators Rivera and Bailey in Westchester, as well as U.S. Senator Gillibrand, in Manhattan. Over four weeks, Care Force One will travel to more than 16 states, make more than 30 stops, and travel nearly 8,000 miles.

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