Fostertown School Hosts Annual Nature Day

FOSTERTOWN – Every year, Fostertown’s long time science teacher, Mr. Garzione, hosts Nature Day for students and their families. For over three decades Mr. Garzione has been Fostertown’s very own “Nature Guy”. He makes sure the lands surrounding the school maintain their natural integrity by planting trees and keeping the grounds as clean as possible. Along with his students, he also planted and maintains a garden on the property.

Mr. Garzione ensures Fostertown scholars are aware of the air, trees, animals, and overall nature around them. He teaches his students how each one works together within our ecosystem. Stations were set up behind the school with information and activities for students to enhance their awareness on all things nature. There was even a student-lead tour through the Fostertown Nature Trail which houses trees planted by Mr. Garzione and his scholars over 30 years ago. Fostertown families who attended Nature Day truly enjoyed the fun-filled day of learning with their children.

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