SUNY Orange Offers No Cost Virtual Healthcare

MIDDLETOWN – Recognizing the connection between student well-being and academic success, SUNY Orange is now offering TimelyCare virtual healthcare services that students can use around the clock to access physical and mental healthcare providers at no cost.

Engaged, healthy students are better equipped to meet their academic goals. Facing mental or physical health concerns is challenging at any time. While attending College, they can impact grades, engagement, attendance and more. Students may suffer in silence (or conditions may worsen) without access to affordable and available professional support.

According to a recent article in Inside Higher Ed, students want colleges to provide and promote mental health resources. Over 3,000 survey respondents indicated this among the top ten action colleges should take in support of students. The partnership with TimelyCare gives SUNY Orange students instant access to the physical and mental health support they want.

Marissa Dilsio, TimelyCare representative for SUNY Orange, chats with students during campus visits about available services. Asked what the most important message for students to hear she said, “I wish students knew how impactful talking to someone can be. It can be scary and intimidating for students—especially if they have not sought counseling before. But they have a whole network of support at SUNY Orange and, through TimelyCare, people ready and willing to listen and support them through their journey.”

How it works
Students easily access and register for TimelyCare services with their College email. Among a menu of critical care options is the ability to immediately connect with on-demand mental health and emotional support via TalkNow. Students can also select to have scheduled appointments with a specific provider.

About the providers
The licensed and experienced healthcare professionals trained to understand various backgrounds and identities are culturally sensitive. Bilingual and multilingual providers are available in the following areas: psychiatry, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapy, clinical psychology, physicians, nurse practitioners, family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, and OB/GYN.

Benefits of the service
“Students enjoy the convenience and flexibility of TimelyCare. It allows them to get mental help or other healthcare on their schedule. Many of our students work, so they often have complicated schedules. Being able to access help anytime, any day, with no co-pay, is exactly what they need,” said Erin Rion, Director of the Wellness Center at SUNY Orange.

“This has been a game changer,” said campus nurse Marianne Sciucco, “It provides a resource to students that can quickly respond to anything that bubbles up.”

Students can register and use TimelyCare services at any time. They do not have to meet any criteria or qualify for care.

SUNY Orange is committed to offering enrolled students professional resources to support their mental, emotional and physical well-being that can be accessed anytime, right from their phone or other device.

For more information, contact the Wellness Center at (845) 341-4870 or by email at

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