Reject Utility Double Digit Increase

POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County Legislature Minority Leader Yvette Valdés Smith came out in firm opposition to Central Hudson’s recent appeal to raise utility rates by double digits, calling on the Public Service Commission (PSC) to reject their proposal, and urging Dutchess County customers to submit their grievances with Central Hudson for public comment. This rate scheme comes on the heels of intense scrutiny over Central Hudson’s erroneous billing practices, which resulted in customers being overcharged by thousands of dollars over the last two years. If approved, the company could raise their electrical service rate by over 16%, and gas rate by 19%. This proposal comes at a time when households continue to grapple with soaring inflation and financial uncertainty, and threatens to strike another blow to working and middle class families.

Minority Leader Yvette Valdés Smith said, “I am appalled to see that Central Hudson is once again exploiting average New Yorkers to bolster their bottom line. While they claim these hikes will help improve services, Central Hudson is ultimately sidestepping accountability for their shoddy business practices and expecting us to pick up the tab. That’s why I’m calling on customers in Dutchess County to submit their experiences with Central Hudson for public comment as we continue to shed light on this company’s misconduct. We will continue to stand united against such predatory practices, so Hudson Valley families can maintain the standard of living that they deserve.”

Assistant Minority Leader Barrington R. Atkins said, “Once again, Dutchess County families are being asked to shoulder the costs of a major corporation’s mistakes. Central Hudson has a marred history when it comes to consumer protection, and they shouldn’t be rewarded with increased profits at the further expense of our working families. I stand with our Minority Leader, Yvette Valdés Smith, in holding them accountable by elevating the voices of Hudson Valley residents and pressuring the PSC to reject these hikes.”

To submit a public comment on this matter, please visit:

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