Honor Flight is Supporting Local Veterans

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, with hundreds on hand for the sendoff, Hudson Valley Flight 31 departed from Newburgh’s Stewart Airport, providing free air transportation to area veterans in the chapter, which serves 10 counties, including three states, to Washington, DC to visit their memorials as well as tour surrounding historic sites and monuments. This year’s flight- which also includes alternating departures from Westchester Airport-was made extra special with the inclusion of the first female passengers; three were flown out of Stewart on Honor Flight 31.

A national nonprofit organization that encompasses 100 “hubs” across the nation, the Honor Flight Network gives a top priority to those of the Greatest Generation, World War II and terminally ill veterans from other wars; they recently included Vietnam War veterans, and plan to take ALL vets from other wars in the future. An application and selection process is in place for those interested in seeking out this priceless gesture honoring American Veterans for all of their sacrifices.

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