My Brothers Keeper Gives Back for Thanksgiving

POUGHKEEPSIE – Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to community service, students participating in the MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) program within the Poughkeepsie City School District are actively contributing to the spirit of Thanksgiving by extending support to those in need.

Under the careful guidance of their advisor, Johnathan McPhee, and in collaboration with the Sister 2 Sister members, students have fervently engaged in community outreach initiatives. Their involvement commenced with selfless volunteer work at the Beulah Baptist Church Soup Kitchen,reflecting their genuine commitment to giving back.

Kitchen MBK Members, Sister 2 Sisters and Beulah Baptist Church Members pose for a photo.
Kitchen MBK Members, Sister 2 Sisters and Beulah Baptist Church Members pose for a photo.

Culminating their efforts, Poughkeepsie High School students involved in the MBK program, spanning grades 9 through 12, orchestrated a memorable “Turkey Dinner Gifting” event.

Spearheaded by Mr. Daron Wilson, this compassionate endeavor was supported by MBK Fellows Peter Sealey and Abass Na-aata, along with mentor Mr. Jason Conrad. Valuable assistance and support were extended by The James Brown Family Foundation and the Niomis Heart Foundation.

Notably, the MBK program is affiliated with the Obama Alliance Foundation, further strengthening its commitment to empowering young men of color and fostering leadership qualities in the community.

The beneficiaries of this heartfelt initiative were families selected from the McKinney Vento program and the school district caseworkers, ensuring that those facing challenges received the warmth and sustenance of the Thanksgiving spirit.

At the core of the My Brother’s Keeper Fellows Program (MBKFP) lies the objective to empower rising 12th-grade high school students, particularly focusing on boys and young men of color, with authentic leadership experiences. This initiative underscores the significance of service projects benefiting their educational institutions and the communities they inhabit, enabling MBK Fellows to assume pivotal leadership roles across governmental, educational, and business spheres

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