Panthers Pounce on Knights in Road Loss

By D.J. Bevivino

PURCHASE – In a competitive clash on the road, the Mount Saint Mary College Knights battled fiercely against the SUNY Purchase Panthers. Unfortunately, the Knights faced a formidable opponent and succumbed to a final score of 61-74.

Despite the loss, the Knights demonstrated tenacity and skill, especially in the first half when they maintained a tight score of 35-35 against the Panthers. However, SUNY Purchase pulled ahead in the second half, securing the victory.

The team shot at a commendable 39.6%, with a notable 44.44% in the first half. Despite facing tough opponents, the Knights managed to tie the score eight times and showcased strength in the paint.

However, turnovers proved costly, and the Panthers capitalized on fast breaks, securing the lead and maintaining control throughout the game.

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