NFA CNA Students Put Lessons to Life Learning

By Mrs. Linda Romano

NEWBURGH – The Newburgh Free Academy Health Science students have been preparing for their first clinical rotation. Students gearing up their equipment and toolbox of knowledge they are ready to head out to provide for the basic nursing care needs of the residents at Taconic Rehabilitation Center in Beacon, NY.

Students in the second half of the pathway begin their clinical first, then will serve as mentors to younger students as they begin later in the school year.

All students will receive assignments, work side by side with healthcare professionals, and gain a variety of job shadowing experiences from Administrator to Laundry.

Once skills are learned and performance tested in the classroom, each student will have an assignment where they will provide what they have learned, such as: feeding residents, making beds, observing wound rounds, providing bed baths, showers, and more.

Seniors will complete 108 hours during the school year, meeting eligibility for both NYS Certification Testing and Employment!

The CNA Pathway is taught by Mrs. Linda Romano, Ms. Lorraine Moore, Dr. Stacy Shewpreshad, and Dr. Kristy Brown.

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