Rockland Blessing of the Nativity Creche

NEW CITY – Last Monday evening dozens of residents attended the Blessing of the Nativity Creche and Lighting of the Menorah outside the front of the Allison-Parris County Office Building at 11 New Hempstead Road.

“It is always important that we gather, regardless of religion, to celebrate the holiday season,” said County Executive Day. “There is plenty of room in Rockland to accommodate every religion, culture, and ethnicity; all of us are enriched by exposure to cultures and beliefs other than our own. We are all unique and can benefit from learning from each other and listening to each other.”

Both ceremonies hold deep meaning for families in the County of Rockland as they are representative of resilience and hope.

“As we gather to admire the warmth it brings to our hearts, let us also take a moment to reflect on the blessings that surround us – the blessings of family, friendship, and the freedom to express our diverse beliefs,” said Deputy County Executive Mike Hoblin.

The County would like to acknowledge the Chabad of Rockland and the Rockland County Catholic Coalition for organizing the events, bringing together families and sparking celebrations of diversity.

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