Army West Point Tennis Remains Hot With Victories

WEST POINT – Army West Point women’s tennis (6-2) improved its winning streak to six matches with victories over Stony Brook, UConn and St. Bonaventure this weekend from Lichtenberg Tennis Center.

Army has dropped just one point across its past six matches and has not lost any singles matches across its first six home contests.

Beginning on Friday afternoon against Stony Brook, Army jumped out to an early lead with the doubles point behind the familiar duo of Paige Herremans and Cooper Jackson with a flight one win while Emma Sy and Ylan Duong also logged a 6-2 victory. Moving to singles, firstie captain Carolyn Ahn did not drop a game in a dominant (6-0, 6-0) win on court six, while Emily Ruckno cruised to a flight five victory (6-1, 6-1). The Black Knights clinched the sweep soon after, with Paulina Feoli tabbing a (6-4, 6-2) win for a 4-0 scoreline for Army over the Sea Wolves.

Army returned on Saturday to take on UConn, with all three doubles matches going to a tiebreak with the Huskies eventually earning the point despite Jackson and Herremans prevailing on flight one. Dropping its first point in five matches, Army went to work in singles beginning with Emma Sy who dropped just one game en route to a flight five win (6-1, 6-0). Jackson continued her strong form on flight one for the Black Knights, giving Army the lead with a (7-5, 6-2) victory. The Black Knights would not stop there, with Vennmukiil Mathivanan registering a (6-3, 6-1) victory before the match was clinched by Ylan Duong on court four with a (7-5, 7-5) triumph.

Looking to make it six consecutive wins with a matchup against St. Bonaventure, Jackson and Herremans continued to lead from the front for Army, posting a 6-1 doubles win before Madison Smith and Emily Ruckno clinched the doubles point with a 6-4 victory. Smith was then the first to close out her singles match on court six (6-2, 6-2), while Naomi Widiaman then logged a (6-1, 6-2) flight five win. This time it was Mathivanan who secured the match-clincher, finalizing a (6-2, 6-1) win on court three to give Army its sixth straight win.

Army will look to keep the momentum going on Friday, as the Black Knights play host to Georgetown at 3:30 p.m.

Stony Brook 0, Army 4
1. Paige Herremans/Cooper Jackson (Army) def. Elena Lobo Corral (SBU): 6-2
2. Carolyn Ahn/Vennmukiil Mathivanan (Army) DNF vs. Mia Palladino/Despoina Mastrodima (SBU): 4-3
3. Emma Sy/Ylan Duong (Army) def. Cornelia Bruu-Syversen/Kira Diaz (SBU): 6-2

1. Cooper Jackson (Army) DNF vs. Mia Palladino (SBU): 6-3, 5-2
2. Ylan Duong (Army) DNF vs. Elena Lobo Corral (SBU): 6-2, 3-2
3. Paige Herremans (Army) DNF vs. Kristi Boro (SBU): 6-3, 3-5
4. Paulina Feoli (Army) def. Cornelia Bruu-Syversen (SBU): 6-4, 6-2
5. Emily Ruckno (Army) def. Despoina Mastrodima (SBU): 6-1, 6-1
6. Carolyn Ahn (Army) def. Kira Diaz (SBU): 6-0, 6-0

UConn 1, Army 4
1. Cooper Jackson/Paige Herremans (Army) def. Victoria Matos/Olivia Wright (Conn): 7-6
2. Maria Constantinou/Nansi Toskova (Conn) def. Jenna Sabile/Julia Kelly (Army): 7-6
3. Isabela Petri Bere/Caroline Hinshaw (Conn) def. Paulina Feoli/Isabella Brilliant

1. Cooper Jackson (Army) def. Olivia Wright (Conn) (7-5, 6-2)
2. Jenna Sabile (Army) DNF vs. Maria Constantinou (Conn): 7-6, 3-2
3. Julia Kelly (Army) DNF vs. Isabel Petri Bere (Conn): 4-6, 6-2, 0-1
4. Ylan Duong (Army) def. Caroline Hinshaw (Conn): 7-5, 7-5
5. Emma Sy (Army) def. Victoria Matos (Conn): 6-1, 6-0
6. Vennmukiil Mathivanan (Army) def. Isabella Asenov (Conn): 6-3, 6-1

St. Bonaventure 0, Army 4
1. Cooper Jackson/Paige Herremans (Army) def. Anastasia Gubanova/Isabella Venter (SBU): 6-1
2. Jenna Sabile/Julia Kelly (Army) DNF vs. Abbie Tyler/Cirkeline Lundberg (SBU): 2-5
3. Madison Smith/Emily Ruckno def. Kashish Bote/Kelly Barnes (SBU): 6-4

1. Jenna Sabile (Army) DNF vs. Cirkeline Lundberg (SBU): 6-7
2. Emma Sy (Army) DNF vs. Anastasia Gubanova (SBU): 6-4, 4-5
3. Vennmukiil Mathivanan (Army) def. Isabella Venter (SBU): 6-2, 6-1
4. Isabella Brilliant (Army) DNF vs. Abbie Tyler (SBU): 3-6, 5-4
5. Naomi Widiaman (Army) def. Kashish Bote (SBU): 6-1, 6-2
6. Madison Smith (Army) def. Kelly Barnes (SBU): 6-2, 6-2

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