Poughkeepsie Elementary Reconfiguration Moves Forward

POUGHKEEPSIE – The Poughkeepsie City School District’s Elementary Education department made significant progress in advancing the exploration of the potential grade reconfiguration of the district’s elementary schools.

Since the Nov. 15, 2023, Elementary School Reconfiguration Exploratory Report to the Board of Education, Greg Mott, assistant superintendent of elementary schools, has convened the Reconfiguration Task Force to discuss the elementary school grade reconfiguration exploration and seek feedback on the report made.

During the month of January, Mr. Mott presented at the Superintendent Fireside Chat, District Community Partner Meeting, Parent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent meeting, and PCSD staff Information Session. At each engagement, Mott provided an overview of the district’s elementary school grade reconfiguration exploration, highlighting the benefits the reconfiguration will have to students’ learning and long-term success, and the logistical steps taken to date to implement. At the core of each engagement, Mott sought feedback to help inform a master plan that he expects will be presented to the superintendent and Board of Education later this month.

“Input from all stakeholders has been invaluable to the planning process. With so many moving parts and so many people who will be impacted by the potential change, it would be impossible to build an effective and cohesive plan without the feedback from parents, staff, and community partners,” Director of Elementary Education Janet Bisti said.

A recommendation to broaden community awareness and input on the district’s reconfiguration exploration received immediate action and produced a Website, Brochure, and communication portal for questions to be delivered for response.

The website provides an abundance of helpful information to help school and community stakeholders better understand the reasons the district is exploring reconfiguration and the reconfiguration implementation phases. The website also provides information on the importance of primary education, general and demographic information about each elementary school, and a frequently asked questions section. The brochure provides similar information in a colorful tri-fold front and back document. Both communication tools also provide information on how school and community stakeholders can submit questions and comments.

“It is important for each member of the Poughkeepsie community to share their thoughts and review the input of other community members,” Mott said. “The Taskforce reviewed data, trends and best practices for our learners. The website provides another avenue for the community to learn about the exploration, ask questions and provide additional input.”

Superintendent Dr. Eric Jay Rosser said he looks forward to hearing the group’s recommendation.

“The collaboration of school personnel, parents, and community stakeholders in strengthening the school district’s impact on student learning and success, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their vision and work will truly create better learning opportunities and environments for the district’s youngest learners.”

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