Remarkable Moment in Rockland’s History

By County Executive Ed Day

My administration continues to be humbled by what can only be described as an incredibly remarkable moment in Rockland’s history, when Martin Luther King III visited our County.
The American human rights activist, philanthropist and advocate, and oldest son of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, came to Rockland thanks to our Commissioner Spencer Chiimbwe who facilitated the visit which included Martin Luther King III delivering a special speech about unity to nearly 200 guests attending our County Human and Civil Rights Hall of Fame Induction ceremony event.

I would like to recount some of the message Martin Luther King III shared at our event which included in part, “My parents taught me that great leadership is about bringing people together, not tearing them apart.” Martin Luther King III went on to say, “Great leaders build bridges, bridges of hope and opportunity. They build bridges of understanding, cooperation, and goodwill.”

Which is exactly what our Human Rights Commissioner Spencer Chiimbwe has been working hard to achieve.

In only 15 months since Commissioner Chiimbwe assumed his role as our Human Rights Commissioner he orchestrated an incredible discussion with New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) Commissioner Maria L. Imperial and NYSDHR Regional Director Linda Fenstermaker that had over 100 attendees.

He additionally went on to open three Human Rights Satellite Offices across the county solidifying and strengthening the relationship and trust communities have with our administration, while also allowing us to be proactive in assisting residents facing discrimination.

And now, facilitating a visit by MLK III, Commissioner Chiimbwe has clearly demonstrated time and time again he is the right person to not only lead the County’s Human Rights Commission but additionally will be pivotal in helping us bridge the gaps still dividing our communities. This administration admires his commitment to defeat discrimination and address human rights issues in Rockland.

But let us not forget, the responsibility of fighting for human rights and creating a better community depends on all of us standing united.

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