Poughkeepsie Football Players Inspired to Achieve

POUGHKEEPSIE – As many of them have often before, current and aspiring Poughkeepsie High School football players on Thursday listened to their coach speak.

They also listened to their principal, their superintendent, a state senator, and others.

The talks focused on the importance of the young men developing characteristics that would lead to success academically, athletically and in life. And, the group discussed a brighter future ahead, with the assistance of a fundraising group aiming to return the Poughkeepsie football program to glory.

“Our goal as mentors and coaches is to foster character building that will lead to success in the classroom, the football field, and in the community while guiding the future leaders of our community,” said coach Jayquan Floyd.

Football players representing the district’s varsity and modified teams on Thursday were treated to pep talks provided by Floyd, Dr. Phee Simpson, Poughkeepsie High School principal; 39th District State Sen. Rob Rolison; Peter Bianco, executive director of physical education, health services, athletics and recreation; Dr. Eric Jay Rosser, superintendent of schools; Tom O’Neill, Board of Education president; G. Angela Henry, executive director of Poughkeepsie Public Schools Foundation; and David Petrovits, City of Poughkeepsie resident and Poughkeepsie football supporter.

Petrovits provided the student athletes a glimpse of the “glory days” of the Poughkeepsie varsity program and how he and others who represent the Pioneer Football Pride fundraising group are committed to supporting the team to maximize their potential and return the team to prominence. Petrovits said as a result of the campaign the team would have new travel apparel, duffle bags and other programmatic and equipment upgrades next season to help them in their pursuit toward excellence.

Through applause, cheers, and smiles, student athletes expressed excitement and gratitude for what was to come.

Floyd shared that since the seniors on the team would not benefit from the upgrades made next year Pioneer Football Pride would be providing them with varsity jackets. He then called each of them up to receive their jackets and take a picture with guests.

The program ended with Floyd, who is also a teacher at the high school, sharing the expectations of all the coaches and supporters of the football program: that the student athletes focus on elevating their leadership inside and outside the school as they maximize their academic and athletic potential as student.

More information on the fundraising campaign and how to make a tax-deductible contribution is available on the district website.

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