World Down Syndrome Day is Celebrated

By Eden Weaver

NEW WINDSOR – Every year on March 21st it is World Down Syndrome Day. On March 21st, 2024, Temple Hill Academy celebrated World Down Syndrome Day in honor of people with Down Syndrome and to prompt inclusivity. Blue and yellow and crazy socks were worn all over the building as part of the recognition!

The 4th grade had an assembly where they learned all about Down Syndrome’s genetics, physical features, person-first preferred language, and most importantly, ways to include people with disabilities. Mrs. Weaver gave the presentation to the 4th grade students and had two special guests join her. Her daughter, Avi Jane Weaver (2 years old) and her former student Arfah Q. (a 5th grader at THA), who is a sibling to an older brother with Down Syndrome. Arfah shared her personal experiences with having a family member with Down Syndrome while Avi showed off her unique personality and qualities that make Down Syndrome so special. The students clapped and swooned over Avi’s interactions and asked really wonderful questions that Arfah was so eager and knowledgeable to answer. Overall Temple Hill had a great day celebrating and educating Down Syndrome Awareness!

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