NECSD Math Meet Competition Winner Named

NEWBURGH – Each year, nine teams of elementary aged mathematicians compete in a series of activities that test their mathematical, communication, and teamwork skills. Their final meet is an Escape Room style competition. The eighty-one NECSD fifth grade scholars, selected from each of the nine elementary schools across the district, worked with their teams to “escape.” The Escape Room was set up with 15 stations (rooms) manned by employees from throughout the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Each station featured a math problem the teams had to work through and solve. Teams would have to explain the method they used to obtain their answer before earning a key to move on to the next “room.” The team to complete each station first and acquire all of the keys wins the Escape Room Challenge.

Winners of the overall challenge were recognized at at Board of Education meeting after their competition. The top three received a certificate and a medal, highlighting their achievement. The winning team also took home graphing calculators to help with their future studies.

1st Place Team: Tyron Stevenson, Noa Cenizal, Riley Soper, Biana Smith, Olivia McGowan, Caitlin Cao, Sir Jedeon Paulinis, Avalyn Skakel, Nayeli Rodriguez

2nd Place Team: Christian Rose, Thomas Lucchesi, Carmelo Sosler, Sadie Brooks, Kimberly Rivas, Brendon Morales, Richard Paulino, Mehki Springer, Vivian Delmonico

3rd Place Team: Emma Celentano, Kristen Santiago, Dylan Turso, Angel Rodriguez Hernandez, Andrew Fotovich, Matthew Boughton, Brooke Radermacher, Azlan Zaidi, and Nalani Gumbs

More about the NECSD Math Meets:
Elementary schools throughout our district select a team of Mathematicians to compete with their peers from other schools at a series of events throughout the year. Each Math Meet event challenges scholars to work together to compute various mathematical problems to earn points. Participants are selected to participate based on their NYS Math Test Scores, iReady scores, report cards, and teacher recommendations. There are nine total Math Meet teams. Each team is comprised of nine total scholars; one representative from each of our nine elementary/K-8 schools. Within each team, students work in groups of three to solve and communicate their mathematical understanding of various problems. Scholars are scored on mathematical knowledge, strategic thinking, and communication. Points are accumulated during each competition and the winning team is announced at the culminating Escape the Room event.

The NECSD Math Meets are coordinated by Mrs. Zoe Matthews and Mr. Jesse Goodglass.

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