Ryan Celebrates Securing $1M for Family Services

POUGHKEEPSIE – Congressman Pat Ryan joined with Family Services, Inc. CEO Leah Feldman to cut the ribbon on the organization’s newly renovated Family Partnership Center that will connect Poughkeepsie families with a support system of 19 service organizations, providing a range of services from healthcare to education. Congressman Ryan recently delivered $1 million in federal funds for Family Services to complete additional renovations of the Family Partnership Center and further expand its capacity to assist Poughkeepsie families.

“Family Services has forged a critical support system that uplifts Poughkeepsie families at the Family Partnership Center,” said Congressman Pat Ryan. “The outpouring of generosity from community members that made today’s ribbon cutting possible is reflective of just how invaluable Family Services is for Poughkeepsie families, of the selfless dedication of the Center’s staff, and of the visionary leadership of Leah Feldman. Its impact is undeniable and is why I fought tooth and nail to deliver $1 million in federal funds for further renovations at the Center. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Family Services as it continues to expand its reach and help Poughkeepsie families thrive.”

“Our movement of revitalization began over 10 years ago, to reinforce the beacon of light and hope that shines out of the Family Partnership Center doors,” said Leah Feldman, CEO of Family Services. “We are so thankful to the donors and supporters who helped us achieve our goal! Thank you to Congressman Ryan for being a steady support to Family Services and the community, particularly in his efforts to reduce environmental injustices in the City of Poughkeepsie.”

Congressman Pat Ryan battled for nearly a year to secure the $1 million in federal Community Project Funding for Family Services to complete renovations of its Family Partnership Center, which resides in a 110-year-old building. Today’s “Celebration of Community” unveiled the new Duffy Community Room and Lateef Islam Auditorium in addition to a new roof, sidewalks, paving, and more. The ribbon cutting was a culmination of a 10-year fundraising campaign by Family Services to complete the needed infrastructure overhauls. The 19 services housed at the Family Partnership Center include:
* CMedtraining
* Comunilife’s Life is Precious Program
* Dutchess Community College
* Dutchess County Department of Community & Behavioral Health
* Dutchess Outreach
* Family Services
* Financial Development Center: An Extension of Heritage Financial Credit Union
* Finish Strong Wellness Center
* Flores Chiropractic Group
* Hudson Valley Justice Center
* Mighty Young Techs
* MVP Network Consulting, LLC
* Planned Parenthood of Greater New York
* Poughkeepsie District’s Sadie Peterson Delaney African Roots Library
* Poughkeepsie Performing Arts Academy
* Saving Our Tomorrow
* Sun River Health
* The Institute for Family Health
* The Love Quest Foundation

The $1 million in funding secured by Congressman Ryan will allow Family Services to make additional critical upgrades that will increase the safety and accessibility of the building, allowing for the Center’s further expansion.

Congressman Ryan has prioritized delivering resources for programs that serve Hudson Valley families, especially youth. He also secured over $1 million in federal Community Project Funding for the construction of the Dutchess County Youth Opportunity Union (YOU) and just this week, delivered $1.27 Million for AmeriCorps to expand the Student Conservation Association’s Hudson Valley Corps in Poughkeepsie. In November of 2023, Congressman Ryan also secured $2.5 million to start new early education and expand after-school enrichment programs in Poughkeepsie schools.

The $1 million in funds that Congressman Ryan secured for Family Services will also help complete an asbestos remediation project in the Family Partnership Center. Congressman Ryan has amassed a record of fighting to reduce harmful environmental exposures for Hudson Valley families, especially in Poughkeepsie. Ryan is fighting to remove lead pipes from the city’s drinking water system. Lead pipes can cause dangerous exposures to the neurotoxin, no level of lead exposure is safe for children. Last year, Ryan brought Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leadership to Poughkeepsie to assist the city in addressing its lead pipe crisis and the city recently announced it was eligible for more federal funds to remove lead pipes.

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