Cummings Appointed Poughkeepsie Chamberlain

POUGHKEEPSIE – City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Yvonne Flowers has announced the hiring of Jamar Cummings as City Chamberlain. Cummings’ appointment was approved by the Common Council on Tuesday night, and he will join the city on June 17.

The City Chamberlain Office is the official keeper of city records, including birth, marriage, death, local laws, ordinances and more.

“The Chamberlain’s Office handles so many important tasks,” said Mayor Flowers. “As the keeper of vital records, the office has day-to-day contact with the public and is typically the first place residents and visitors call or come to when they need information. I have the utmost confidence Jamar Cummings will successfully lead the office and appreciate the Common Council’s support of this hiring.”

Cummings has served as a talent acquisition and retention specialist at the Grand Healthcare Systems and as the staffing coordinator at The Grand Healthcare at River Valley. He is a Poughkeepsie High School graduate and has a bachelor’s degree in history and American studies.

Jamar Cummings
Jamar Cummings

He also serves as chairman of the Dutchess County Emergency Shelter Stakeholders Group, created by the Dutchess County Legislature and composed of local elected representatives, business owners and others, in part, to provide feedback on the opening of its emergency housing facility in the City of Poughkeepsie. Under Cummings’ leadership, the stakeholders group made recommendations embraced by Dutchess County government regarding the process of hiring an Emergency Homeless Shelter Director and the selection of a Shelter Operator.

“It’s an honor to accept the Chamberlain’s position, realizing the critical role it holds in the community,” said Cummings. “I am looking forward to working for the Flowers administration and the Common Council as we strive to provide the highest level of service to the public.”

The Chamberlain’s Office processed more than 13,000 requests for vital records in 2023, including both mail-in and in-person inquiries, and handled the permitting process for more than 50 community events. The office is in the process of utilizing a $50,000 grant from the New York State Archives to digitize more historical records. The Chamberlain’s office also works closely with the Common Council and prepares agenda items for public meetings and takes minutes of those meetings.

“In deference to the mayor and also seeing Mr. Cummings’work with the stakeholders group and various other endeavors, I do support this appointment,” said Councilmember At LargeDa’Ron Wilson.

For information on the services provided by the Chamberlain’s office, visit the City’s website at:

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