Bosco and the Storm Perform at Pamela’s

By Journalist Ms. Jones

NEWBURGH – “Every time they are here, they keep people on the dance floor,” said Kristen Paez, waitress at Pamela’s on the Hudson. “That’s what you need. They keep people entertained… No one’s ever disappointed when they are here.”

“Bosco and the Storm” kept the crowd boogying at Pamela’s on the Hudson on Friday, Sept. 22 with R&B and top 40 dance music. They are just coming back after being gone a few years playing on cruise ships.

“We’ve been on a cruise ship for four or five years. We worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines… We’ve been doing the Western Caribbean for the last four years,” said Bosco.

“Bosco and the Storm” performed throwbacks like “Heaven Must be Missing an Angel,” “Mustang Sally,” “Shake Your Booty,” “That’s the Way I Like It,” “Ladies Night,” “Boogie Oogie Oogie,” “Rapper’s Delight,” “Outstanding,” “All Night Long,” “Bad Girls,” “Give it to Me Baby,” and “Smooth Operator.” They also sang contemporary songs, including: “Too Close,” “Versace on the Floor,” “24k Magic,” and “Uptown Funk.”

Even though they play songs from other bands, Bosco has original music. “I have a CD and I have a video out on YouTube,” said Bosco. He is currently in the studio working on new music. His new single is called “Reggae Dancin.”

Bosco’s real name is Michael Faison. He played in a top 40 band back in the 70s and 80s who did firehouse gigs for kids in Vails Gate.

“I walked in one night and he [a band member] introduced me as ‘Bosco.’ I said, ‘Bosco? Who’s Bosco?’ He said, ‘That’s your new nickname.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ And the kids just said, ‘Bosco! Bosco!’ So, at that time I was designing clothes. So, I went home and designed a spacesuit and put ‘Bosco’ on the back of it and the next time we did that gig I walked in with this big, giant afro wig on with a lightning bolt down the side of my face and ‘Bosco.’ That’s how ‘Bosco’ came to be,” said Bosco. He got the name “The Storm” from the group “Brainstorm.”

Lucy Lewis came to the restaurant specifically to see “Bosco and the Storm.”

“I follow them on Facebook… I love them. “Bosco and the Storm” are great! I’ve seen them play about seven or eight times,” said Lewis.

Pamela’s on the Hudson wants people to actively participate when they visit.

“An experience is more than just dining out and having cocktails…,” said Pamela Resch, owner of Pamela’s on the Hudson. “Everybody enjoys their music so much… They are high energy.”

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