Newburgh Firehouse to Move to New Location

NEWBURGH – Now that the Newburgh City Council has approved an arrangement to house its West End fire truck in one of the bays at the new Good Will Firehouse just over the city line in the Town of Newburgh, the relocation can begin shortly.

The West End station is loaded with asbestos, which needs to be remediated before the building can be occupied again.

City Manager Michael Ciaravino said the move is weeks away.

“I expect they will probably begin work on this starting (Wednesday),” Ciaravino said. “It could be by the end of October, or more likely the beginning of November.”

The inter-municipal agreement will be for one year.

Meanwhile, the city’s public safety building is full of mold and that needs to be remediated as well.

Officials are looking into the cost of placing trailers outside the public safety building and the Good Will Firehouse for on-duty firefighters.

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