Goldstein Shares the Stage with Saxophonist

NEWBURGH – On February 28, 2019, local Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic Guitarist, Alyssa Goldstein performed at Pamela’s on Hudson. This evening was more special than usual. She invited a local NFA saxophonist, Leo Betcher to perform with her in his first show. Leo Betcher, a sophomore at NFA, joined Alyssa and performed 6 songs by artists including Neil Diamond, Cold Play, and 4 Non Blonds.

Supporting Leo in the audience were members of his family and fellow Goldbacks. Alyssa met with Leo to rehearse a few times before his debut. She gave her time and love for music to mentor this local talented musician. “It is important to give students who have a love for music a chance to perform.” said Alyssa.

Smiles filled the room and musical magic was made..

To hear more of Alyssa’s music please follow her on facebook.

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