Hudson Link Beats the Heat at Alumni Gathering

This month Hudson Link encouraged everyone to embrace their inner child and have a blast at our August alumni gathering! With a festively decorated space at Church of the Heavenly Rest, games and snacks from our childhoods, and almost 40 alumni and staff attendees, this was an alumni event to remember.

This celebration marked the middle of a slow and relaxing summer season. Alumni Coordinator Kiki Dunston used the opportunity to create an event for the whole Hudson Link family to enjoy.

On Thursday, one of the most recently returned students made his long-awaited appearance. Eldredge and his family attended their first-ever alumni gathering!

When reflecting on the event, Eldredge said, “For years, while incarcerated, I would often see pictures and read articles on the Hudson Link alumni gatherings – but nothing actually compares to attending one. My first alumni gathering was absolutely amazing. It felt great to have the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, talk to past professors, and really get to know the entire Hudson Link staff. I can honestly say that Hudson Link is family to all of their alumni returning home. My family and I are truly looking forward to the next one.”

These bi-monthly events may seem to be all fun and games, but underneath the bubbles, snacks, and karaoke, these gatherings have always been and still remain a crucial opportunity for our students to reconnect and build the kinds of relationships that make our community so unique.

Thank you so much to all the alumni, staff, professors, and supporters who came out to see us. Congratulations to all the new faces in attendance and good luck to those starting classes this fall.

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