AG James Provides Funds to Sheriff’s Offices

ULSTER COUNTY – New York Attorney General Letitia James recently presented the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office with a check for $69,750 to fund its body-worn camera program. With these funds from the Attorney General’s Capture an Account of a Material Situation (CAMS) program, the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office was able to purchase 93 body-worn cameras for officers. The Ulster County Sheriff’s Office is one of 13 law enforcement agencies around the state that will receive more than $1 million to purchase 891 body-worn cameras and 321 body-worn camera systems through the CAMS program.

“Body cameras are critical tools for providing transparency, accountability, and protecting public safety,” said Attorney General James. “All law enforcement officers should be equipped with this technology for their safety and the safety of our communities, but too often the cost is prohibitive. I am proud to provide these funds to the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office and agencies across the state to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers.”

“The use of body-worn cameras is an effective tool our agency has deployed to further build on our continued commitment to transparency and accountability, maintain the public trust, and provide valuable evidence for prosecutions, in addition to protecting both our members from unjustified claims of misconduct and the public from potential misuses of public authority,” said Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa. “With this award of nearly $70,000 from the Attorney General’s Office, they have substantially helped us offset the cost of this valuable technology. We are thankful for this continued support from the Attorney General and our state law enforcement partners.”

Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan added, “I want to thank Attorney General Letitia James for her support of our local law enforcement and for her leadership in advancing justice around New York State.”

“I am grateful for Attorney General Letitia James’ leadership in providing body-worn cameras for the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, and for the 12 other law enforcement agencies receiving them around the state,” said Senator Jen Metzger. “Utilizing this technology via her funding initiative will minimize any ambiguity in interactions between Ulster County’s law enforcement officers and the public, in turn fortifying those relationships and making all New Yorkers safer.”

“Our local police departments are faced with a number of challenges — protecting the public and keeping costs in check — and providing them with the tools to do their job has always been among my top priorities,” Senator James L. Seward said. “The Attorney General’s CAMS program is an ideal way to help the Ulster County sheriff’s deputies do their job safely and efficiently, and will not come with an added cost to county taxpayers.”

“It is with no surprise that Ulster County has chosen to spearhead such an innovative program and further its leadership in the state, providing transparency in the criminal justice system,” said Assemblymember Kevin Cahill. “I commend Sherriff Juan Figueroa for his continued efforts toward protecting our officers, as well as our constituents and Attorney General Letitia James for her attention to law enforcement at all levels.”

“It is vital that we afford every protection for the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement,” Assemblymember Brian Miller said. “I commend Attorney General James for taking the initiative to provide this funding so that Ulster County’s Sheriff’s department will be better able to do their jobs in keeping our communities safe.”

“I am immensely pleased to see this grant being used to modernize our police force,” said Assemblymember Chris Tague. “Keeping up with the latest technology both assists our law enforcement officials and helps protect our civil liberties. I’m excited to see the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office receiving these cameras, their dedication and service deserves every possible tool to help them do their jobs and to keep us safe.”

The CAMS program — which was launched in July 2018 and is funded with money recovered from organized crime takedowns carried out by the Attorney General’s Office — provides body-worn cameras and body-worn camera systems to local law enforcement agencies.

Body-worn cameras create independent accounts of encounters between police and the public, increasing transparency and accountability and often providing critical evidence in investigations.

In addition to the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, funds will be provided to:
Albany County Sheriff’s Office
Amherst Police Department
Buffalo Police Department
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Niagara Falls Police Department
Rochester Police Department
Suffolk County Police Department
Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office
Syracuse Police Department
Troy Police Department
Utica Police Department
Westchester County Department of Public Safety

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