America is Embroiled in Trashy Politics

Dear Editor,

America has become a trashy nation. We are embroiled in trashy politics. We have trashy law enforcement and trashy criminal justice, where the rich and the white get better treatment.
Our education systems have become trashy, lacking in civics education and focused as they are on low-bar academics.

Religion has become trashy because it has reduced its original rich doctrines to lightweight dictums like “love” and “forgiveness.”

Business advertising has become terribly trashy with all its false or exaggerated claims. Consumers have become trashy not just because of all the trash they foul the earth with, but because they are excessively stylish. They show off their elite labels next to people who live in impoverished hovels or on the streets amid their own refuse.

For entertainment, we watch trashy reality TV game shows, quiz shows, and talk shows and act like thirteen-year-old girls when we win a prize.

Kimball Shinkoskey,

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