State-of-the-Art Interactive Training System

KINGSTON – SUNY Ulster announces the installation and launch of an interactive first responder training system that uses virtual reality to simulate situations in which students can practice de-escalation and crisis intervention techniques.

The simulator allows students to experience real-life police and mental health situations, making them better prepared for their careers. The equipment is programmed for a wide variety of conditions in which students can gain experience in de-escalating potentially violent situations, crisis and mental illness interventions, communication-building, emergency operations, suicidal persons, ambushes, and more.

As the country and our region are calling on more thoughtful police and mental health practices, this simulator will provide much-needed practice for students, giving them experience even before beginning their careers.

The Criminal Justice fund in Memory of William J. and Elizabeth R. Weishaupt, Sr. was founded in March of 2022 at Ulster Community College Foundation. The Weishaupts placed great emphasis on education and believed in the availability of higher education to our local community. The Weishaupt’s four sons chose to go into public service in law enforcement on both local and federal levels so the desire to use the funds towards excellence in Police Academy training was of interest to them.

The virtual reality simulator is installed and newly in use at the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster on Mary’s Ave. Our goal is to provide life-altering positive outcomes for our students and community members by elevating the public perception of and confidence in our law enforcement and mental health professionals.

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