Sen. Skoufis Secures $120k for Skatepark Project

GREENWOOD LAKE – Senator James Skoufis (D-Orange County) joined the Village of Greenwood Lake lasts weekend at their “Do it For Dale!” 5K Run/Walk event to announce $120,000 secured through his office for the community’s skatepark project. The substantial funds will enable GWL Skatepark, the non-profit organization to build a cutting-edge recreational facility within Greenwood Lake – a skatepark that will not only offer a safe haven but also champions the enlivening, and character-building sport for local families and young adults.

The forthcoming Greenwood Lake Skatepark represents a vision born from the untimely passing of Dale Hirrel, a local teenager and avid skater who lost his life in an automobile accident in April 2016. The ambitious teen aspired to build a skatepark in his village to motivate and uplift local children in the community. Since the tragedy, a group of dedicated volunteers have tirelessly labored to raise the necessary funds to bring Dale’s vision to life.

“Ensuring our youth have places to gather, socialize, and flourish through healthy activities is crucial,” said Skoufis. “I am thrilled to facilitate funding for this project knowing that it will provide local residents of Greenwood Lake and neighboring areas with the means to foster a deep sense of community and camaraderie.”

Skoufis celebrates funding secured for GWL Skatepark with local Greenwood Lake residents.
Skoufis celebrates funding secured for GWL Skatepark with local Greenwood Lake residents.

“Our board of directors and many volunteers have been working tirelessly for the past 6 years to make the dream of Dale Hirrel a reality, and we recently planned the build to coincide with the centennial celebration for Greenwood Lake in 2024.” said Euvin Weeber, Board Trustee of GWL Skatepark. “Senator Skoufis’ involvement brings us to the final stages of that goal, turning that shared dream into a beautiful, usable landmark for future generations to enjoy.”

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