NFA Youth in Gov. Wins Top Policy Committees

By Timothy Underhill

NEWBURGH – Last week. 36 NFA students joined 12 other Orange county schools for a Youth in Government convention. Students researched and wrote policies in advance for this convention.

Divided into six committees, NFA won the top policy in the Economic, State, and Social Committees. Additionally, NFA took 2nd in the Environmental committee.

Policies that NFA presented included: reducing gender inequality, composting in schools, inflation reduction, increasing wellness checks on student athletes, nationwide reduction in taxes on feminine hygiene products, and student loan forgiveness. NFA students were also elected chair and secretary for three of the committees.

Next month NFA will host 250 students for the Youth in Government Steering Convention.
Students who participated include: Jessica Fendt, Hannah Walsh, Omari Jones, Hayin Fling, Nikolas Buchholz, Santos Garcia, Vivian Gage, Olivia Steiner, Anakin Landolfa, Cora Kerin, Alyssa Perez, Alexandria Crawford, Cassidy Jones, Anita Akpan, Sarah Hyun, Grace McBride, Richard Chen, Mattek Schuhkneckt, Addison Smith, Domona Grant, Malia Robinson, Jamie Cullen, Emily Reyes, Amy Garcia, Michael Clark, Ciara Alvarez, Savannah Smith, Justin Valenzuela, Andre Thurston, Anthony Argueta, Jenell Rosales, Alyssa Worrell, Samaya Lassic, Hanna-Isabelle Azemar,Katherine Bell and Justin Valenzuela.

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