Latimer Launches Campaign for Congress

Democrat George Latimer Launches Campaign for Congress in NY 16.

Latimer, a proven progressive vote getter, to focus on message of results over rhetoric against 2 term incumbent Bowman.

Westchester’s Democratic County Executive George Latimer has formally launched his campaign for Congress in New York’s 16th District. Latimer is no stranger to winning tough races, having won his current position by defeating MAGA republican Rob Astorino, and winning tough contests throughout his over thirty-year career in public service from local offices to the state legislature. The district includes a large segment of Westchester as well as a smaller portion of the Bronx, although lines may change due to court-ordered redistricting in the coming months.

Latimer launched his campaign with a video titled “Real Progressive Results. Not Political Rhetoric” which can be seen here, in which he discusses his long history in the district and the work he has done to make lives better for the residents of Westchester and the Bronx.

Throughout the campaign Latimer will be contrasting his record of solid progressive achievements on civil rights, the environment, abortion rights, gun violence prevention, infrastructure, LGBTQ+ rights, fiscal responsibility, housing, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism, and other issues, versus the incumbent’s divisive and distracting approach to holding office.

“Our country is facing an existential crisis and our very democracy is at risk right now,” said Latimer. “We need our voice in Congress to be someone who brings people together and delivers results on the issues that matter. We need someone who will listen to all voices, not just those who agree with him, and takes those concerns seriously. We need someone more interested in progressive results than showboating on social media. Those who know me know that I am and have always been that kind of elected official, and I look forward to talking to the voters about how we can all do better with new leadership in our Congressional district.”

George Latimer is a lifelong Westchester resident who built his career in public service by delivering unparalleled progressive results for local residents. George’s track record in making Westchester the most progressive County government in the state includes successfully cutting regressive taxes, fighting for civil rights and racial equality, defending a woman’s right to choose, standing up to the NRA to keep guns off our streets, voting for marriage equality, and smartly investing a Green New Deal style infrastructure projects across the County.

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