Successful ‘GoGo’ Transportation Service Expands

POUGHKEEPSIE – As the aging population continues to grow, across the nation and here in Dutchess County, having safe and accessible transportation is an important concern for seniors. Last year, to help address this concern, the Dutchess County Office for the Aging (OFA) launched a new transit solution, offered through GoGo Technologies, to help older adults get to non-emergency medical appointment with free on-demand rides. The program was an instant success and will now expand to serve even more seniors in 2024 with a $25,000 grant from the Field Hall Foundation, as well as support from the New York State Office for the Aging.

OFA’s partnership with GoGo Technologies – known colloquially as “GoGo Grandparent” – provides a convenient and accessible transportation option for seniors, allowing them to attend medical appointments. It is available to Dutchess County older adults who do not have transportation to and from non-emergency appointments or outpatient procedures after which driving is not recommended. Launched in May 2023, more than 150 seniors have registered for the program and to date, and over 530 trips to medical appointments have been provided.

County Executive Sue Serino said, “I’ve heard from many seniors about how difficult it can be when they no longer drive, particularly getting rides to medical appointments. Our Office for the Aging’s partnership with GoGo Technologies has been an invaluable resource for older adults, making it easy for them schedule reliable rides to and from doctor’s appointments and ensuring they get the vital care they need. We are grateful to have additional funding from the Field House Foundation and the NYS Office for the Aging to further expand this wonderful program, enabling even more local seniors to access to this great service.”

Seniors who register for the program through OFA can schedule a ride with GoGo Grandparent – either in advance or the day they need transportation – and an Uber or Lyft driver will pick them up and take them to their destination. The County’s OFA reimburses GoGo Grandparent for each ride by a registered program participant; GoGo Grandparent also tracks the rides for safety purposes and screens drivers to suit their rider’s possible additional needs. OFA staff follows up with registered seniors to gauge their satisfaction with their rides and the program. Local clients have lauded the program for its efficiency, reliability and commitment to improving the overall well-being of the County’s aging population.

Thanks to a new $25,000 grant from the Field Hall Foundation, as well as a $20,000 grant from the New York State Office for the Aging, Dutchess County’s GoGo Grandparents program will serve even more seniors in 2024. The additional grant funding will allow OFA to explore expanding the scope of the GoGo Grandparent partnership, including the possibility of offering rides to seniors to visit a loved one in a hospital or nursing home; OFA has received feedback from clients who do not currently have transportation for this type of visitation.

Field Hall Foundation Program Officer Patti Horvath said, “This is an excellent program, helping make vital transportation connections for older adults, which is such a critical need. The Field Hall Foundation is proud to support Dutchess County’s Office for the Aging as they work to expand this resource.”

The Field Hall Foundation is a private foundation whose primary mission is to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers, supporting programs and projects that directly impact low-income and vulnerable older adults and their caregivers in Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties, and address basic needs.

OFA Director Todd Tancredi said, “We have been thrilled to see so many older adults throughout Dutchess County utilize the GoGo Grandparent program to take rides to and from doctor’s visits. Reliable transportation can often be challenging for seniors who have given up driving or live alone, and the Office for the Aging is proud to offer this option. Based on the program’s early popularity and success, we look forward to signing up more residents for GoGo Grandparent and expanding its offerings and we appreciate the support from both the Field Hall Foundation and New York State Office for the Aging.”

Additional information about the GoGo Grandparent program is available on the OFA’s website, and older adults can register for the program by calling the OFA at 845-486-2555. To register, seniors must provide OFA with their name; street address, including apartment number, if applicable; phone number; and contact information of a family member or caregiver who can be notified when the client utilizes GoGo Grandparent to schedule a ride. If special accommodations – wheelchair, walker, service animal, portable oxygen, etc. – are needed, the older adult should inform OFA when registering.

GoGo Grandparent is one of several transportation options the Dutchess County OFA offers local older adults. More information is available at, by calling 845-486-2555 or emailing

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